Sunday, November 17, 2013

Jared's Cool-Out Space - A Positive Time-Out Children's Book

Some dreams take a long time to come true.

About 20 years ago I wrote a draft for a children's book called, "The Gremlin Who Eats Toys That Aren't Picked Up."  The idea was to write children's books that would teach Positive Discipline tools to parents while they read adorable picture books to their children. That book is still in the development stage (coming soon).

Two years ago, Ashlee Wilkins, A Certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator, sent me the idea for Jared's Cool Out Space with illustrations by her father Bill Schorr. Bill Schorr was a political cartoonist for the Los Angeles Herald Examiner, The Kansas City Star, and the New York Daily News. Presently he draws the syndicated comic strip, "The Grizzwells," and political cartons for Cagle Cartoons.

My dream for an adorable children's book came true. I fell in love with Jared at first sight. After many rewrites, the book is finally available. Click Here to Order!

We just received our first 5 star reviews:

Such a creative way to teach children that time outs can be a positive thing, instead of viewing it as a punishment. I love the idea of having the kids help create their own cool-out space. I think once they have their place, they will actually be more aware of the times they need to use it. The book also has such a cute reminder that we ALL need space to cool down sometimes. Maybe I'll make myself a cool-out space today!

Reviewed by:  Pixiegirl from Utah

I read it to my children at bedtime tonight and they BOTH loved it. Not only that, they have big plans for redoing their cool down spots tomorrow and can't wait to get up in the morning and help each other. It's not often that they enjoy the same book these days, so it was pretty cool to see what a hit this was with both. Great tool for helping parents have this conversation with their own kids! 
Reviewed by:  Sarina from Seattle

Children, parents, and teachers will enjoy this beautifully illustrated book that teaches the value of Positive Time-Out to help children learn self-soothing skills.

Discover how Jared travels to space to manage his anger and comes back with an idea for a delightfully creative birthday present for his dad.

A special gift that will inspire children to create their own Positive Time-Out space for self-regulation.

Jared's Cool-Out Space (Children's Picture Book)
Jared's Cool-Out Space (Children's Picture Book)
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