Wednesday, January 1, 2014

52 Positive Discipline Parenting Tools in 52 Weeks

Take the 52 Parenting Tools in 52 Weeks Challenge. This is a fun way to stay focused on Positive Discipline all year long.

We hope you will participate and post comments about your own experiences. You can get a copy of the Positive Discipline Parenting Tool Cards on the Positive Discipline Website and/or download the App for iPhone and Android. It would also be helpful to read a Positive Discipline Book during the year.

The great thing about this challenge is that you can start at any time. It doesn't matter which week you start with, so jump on in and join the fun! Together we can all improve our parenting skills and improve our relationships with our children. Click on the links below to read more about the individual Positive Discipline Tools.

Week 1 - Connection Before Correction
Week 2 - Encouragement
Week 3 - Listen
Week 4 - Family Meetings
Week 5 - Compliments
Week 6 - Routines
Week 7 - Special Time
Week 8 - Take Time for Training
Week 9 - Validate Feelings
Week 10 - Positive Time Out
Week 11 - Jobs
Week 12 - Mistakes
Week 13 - 3 R's of Recovery
Week 14 - Problem Solving
Week 15 - Follow Through
Week 16 - Agreements
Week 17 - Limit Screen Time
Week 18 - Focus On Solutions
Week 19 - Logical Consequences
Week 20 - Natural Consequences
Week 21 - Teach Children What to Do
Week 22 - Put Kids in the Same  Boat
Week 23 - Allowances
Week 24 - Hugs
Week 25 - Wheel of Choice
Week 26 - Act Without Words
Week 27 - Understand the Brain
Week 28 - Back Talk
Week 29 - Winning Cooperation
Week 30 - Distract & Redirect
Week 31 - Decide What You Will Do
Week 32 - Practice
Week 33 - Empower Your Kids
Week 34 - Motivation
Week 35 - Kind and Firm
Week 36 - Pay Attention
Week 37 - Small Steps
Week 38 - Control Your Behavior
Week 39 - Sense of Humor
Week 40 - Silent Signals
Week 41 - Letting Go
Week 42 - Eye to Eye
Week 43 - Closet Listening
Week 44 - One Word
Week 45 - Show Faith
Week 46 - Break the Code
Week 47 - Avoid Pampering
Week 48 - Anger Wheel of Choice
Week 49 - Encouragement vs Praise
Week 50 - Limited Choices
Week 51 - Curiosity Questions
Week 52 - I Notice


ماميتا Mameeta said...

i am noran from Egypt. last week i received your email giving me the certified parent educator. it would be my honor to be with you in this amazing project. i have a facebook page with your permission i will translate the tools you will post each week into Arabic and post a link to your blog. in addition i want to make short animated videos for some of the tools.

Valerie said...

Wonderful project! I just discover Mary's and Brad's blog and i feel it's going to be a very interesting journey. THANKS a lot to the 3 of you. Cheers.

Carrie Hutchings said...

I recently ordered the Positive Discipline Parenting Tool Cards and I have decided to join you in this journey. I am keeping a blog about it. You can find it here.

Jane Nelsen said...

Hi Carrie,

That sounds great! We look forward to reading your posts.

Jeff said...

Hi All

I start a parenting class next week and I was wondering if you could share some guidelines you give to parents attending the parenting class that might be helpful for me since I am formulating a list.


Soledad Collazo said...

Great! I already downloaded the cards in my phone!