Friday, January 15, 2010

Article in Esquire Magazine on Positive Discipline and Obama

Esquire Magazine has a great article on parenting technique -Positive Discipline and How Obama runs the country, written by Tom Junod  

I wrote the follow response to Tom:

Tom, I absolutely loved reading your article. Had to laugh out loud at times.  Your comparisons to Obama and Positive Discipline are brilliant. Now I know why I like Obama so much. Of course I'm very curious to know the name of your Positive Discipline instructor.

One other thing concerns me. Years ago I should have trademarked Positive Discipline. When I tried, a company in Texas (Walk the Talk) that does trainings for corporations had already trademarked the name. They gave me permission to use it for parenting--a good thing since I had already published several Positive Discipline books by then. The problem is that they did not enforce their trademark and now there are a gazillion parenting programs that use the Positive Discipline name--and many are based on Behaviorism (punishment and reward). You have provided a lot of publicity for Positive Discipline. I just hope people find the right one. :-)

In any case, it is a pleasure to be associated with such an "enlightened" article. I would love to meet you some day.

Most sincerely, Jane

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Unknown said...

I discovered Positive Discipline as a result of the article, and I wound up finding out about you via search engines on Amazon and I just downloaded the lecture available on audible (wish more books of yours were there!) and have already benefitted. Thanks to both of you!