Wednesday, June 17, 2009


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1) NEW PRODUCT: Positive Discipline Tool cards: Special Pre-publication Special

After several years in the making, they are at the printers.

52 Positive Discipline Tools to Improve your Parenting Skills Three Ways to have fun with the deck (or use your creativity):
Choose one card and practice for a week. In one year you’ll be a perfect parent— or you can start again.

When faced with a challenge, choose a card at random. Chances are that it will be the perfect tool to solve the problem while teaching your child self-discipline, responsibility, cooperation, and problem-solving skills—or you can try another card.

Invite your children to choose a card and let you know if it is the tool that will solve the problem—or keep choosing until they find one that will.

Retail Price: $14.95 Pre-Publication Special: $9.95 (Cards will be available in July)
Available at under products for parents.
Pre-publication special will end August 1, 2009


I would like to invite you to join new Positive Discipline Network by going to where you will find:

1) Special groups to join such as PD the First Three Years, Positive Discipline for Preschoolers (for Single Parents, Teens, Divorce, Positive Discipline in the Classroom, Therapists and Coaches who use Positive Discipline in their work, etc.)
2) You can start your own Positive Discipline group. Perhaps you would like to find others in your area.
3) Questions and answers on the practical application of Positive Discipline.
4) Discussions such as Media Woes in the PD for Teens Group
5) Book excerpts from the book being written by me and my daughter on "Positive Discipline the Second Generation: Easier Said than Done," in the PD the First Three Years Group (which will eventually move to the PD for Preschoolers group as the "boys" get older).
6) A group for Positive Discipline Parent Educators to share new activities and other ideas (plus info on how to become a PDPE).
7) Announcements of two-day Positive Discipline Training workshops and other Positive Discipline Events
8) Events where PD classes and workshops can be posted
9) Your own profile page where you can post photos and even an RSS feed to your blog if you have one. (Check out Brad Ainge's blog on Single Parenting. You will laugh out loud--or cry with empathy.) Brad is a member of the Single Parents Group.

Become part of a Positive Discipline community dedicated to creating peace in the world though peace in homes and schools.