Thursday, October 4, 2007

Workshop Results

Hi Jane,

As far as I am concerned, the workshop is far from over! I've been reading all my books, Understanding Serenity, Positive Discipline for Teenagers, Positive Discipline A to Z, the main Positive Discipline Book.—as well as listening to your CDS. Your philosophy on living and parenting, your principles about living and parenting—your way of living in general—give me more hope than anything else I have ever come across. I am truly inspired, and am already incorporating many of the tools—family meetings, remembering that mistakes are opportunities to learn, asking what and how curiosity questions, looking for solutions instead of blame, sharing encouraging messages (I have faith in you, is my fav.) and always getting the message of love across.

Not only are my boys responding with more love and helpful behavior—I can see how encouraged and inspired they are! I'm not shutting them down anymore. My husband also loves my new attitude.

I used to be so busy and would feel so helpless about "getting my kids to behave." I was the classic controlling, punitive, nagging parent—until I'd feel so mean that I'd run out and get my kids a present. I also used to do everything myself because I could always do it faster and better—now I realize how I was taking away the opportunity for my kids to be involved and to learn valuable lessons about being contributing members of society.

I could go on and on.

I hope to see you again soon! Take care,

Marianne McGinnis

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