Wednesday, December 30, 2009

52 Positive Discipline Tool Cards in 52 Weeks

If you have signed up for my newsletter, you have already heard about the project “52 Parenting Tool Cards in 52 Weeks” being done by my son Brad Ainge and two of my grandchildren. Read his first blog on this project. My guess is that you will want to become a follower.

Brad is generating quite a bit of excitement with his new 52 Parenting tool cards project and has already appeared as a guest on an Internet radio program that I think you will enjoy.

I will be a guest on Parenting Unplugged in January. Watch for an announcement on Events at 

1 comment:

PixieGirl said...

Jane, your 52 tool cards are better than Hubba Bubba! Most parenting books I have read are like bubble gum...they lose their flavor after the first 3 chapters, and then I am left to chew the same information over and over for the rest of the book. Not to mention, once I finish the book I can't remember half of the parenting ideas and find myself flipping back through the book several times. I'm busy and even 2extra minutes to flip through a book is too many!

Sooo...I love the tool cards!!! They are concise, simple, and practical solutions! I keep them in my car and when I have a free minute I flip through them. Thanks for rising above the average and giving something to really sink my teeth into!