Thursday, November 12, 2009

Another Hug Story

Another hug story from Casey O’Roarty that was posted on the Positive Discipline Network. We may be starting a revolutionary movement.
“I just really wanted to share this... So during our bedtime routine tonight, the kids were really working us over. My daughter, Rowan (almost 7), had a really long bath and put my husband through the ringer with her pace and selective listening... We had set an expectation earlier in the night that before she could listen to stories in bed, she was going to clean up her room. It was a pretty big mess so I let her know that I would help her some (this can be dangerous because I have been known to help while lecturing about the need to keep her room clean=completely ineffective). So I decided I would hang up the clothes on the floor... I managed not to lecture but I did say "It's really hard for daddy to read books and sing songs and for me to write sweet notes for your lunch when we've had such a hard time at bedtime." She looked at me and said "Do you want a hug?" I melted into her arms, walked out to make lunch for tomorrow, and she finished up her room. Sometimes they can be so wise...”

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Anonymous said...

This story made me smile. I've started using hugs to try and diffuse arguments, with some success. You parents out there sound like real pros!!1